please help my best friend with her recovery!

This weekend, my best friend in the world was the victim of a hit and run while attempting to hail a cab with her boyfriend in Boston. A car hit her and sent her flying, where she landed on a parked car. She has a concussion, lots of broken bones (collarbone, nose, ribs, etc), stitches and will need surgery on both her leg and her elbow. Anything that you all could donate would be so helpful, as her family is really struggling to figure out how they will be able to cover all of her medical bills. Wishing you the speediest of recoveries, pretty girl. Love you to the moon and back.



best of buzzfeed absolutely has to be one of the best websites ever created. I seriously cannot get enough. It also really does wonders for my procrastination talent. If only I were kidding…I spend hours on it, to the point where I have an entire folder in my bookmarks dedicated entirely to the most hilarious or shockingly-accurate buzzfeed articles I can find. And now, I share my treasure chest of hilarity and knowledge with the world, in no particular order (click the pictures to check them out yourself):

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netflix instant = love of my life

netflix instant

So, for my graduation last year, my wonderful aunt and uncle got me literally the best present for a college kid ever: a subscription to Netflix. I had it in high school, but I shared the queue with my family (until I changed the account password so that I had total control, that is) and we only had subscribed to receiving movies through the mail. Then, when Netflix switched everything around and started to only offer the instant and mail-order programs separately, we canceled our subscription. Sure, I was heartbroken being as much of a movie buff as I am, but I got over it. Slowly and painfully. But then my world was righted once again when I received the instant subscription.

When you’re bored in college and left alone in your room for more than 15 minutes, Netflix instant streaming is easily the best way to spend your time. Plus, now that they’ve separated the mail and streaming programs, Netflix has practically added a million more shows and movies. The ones included in my little collage above are some of my most recently viewed. I plowed through the entire series of Grey’s Anatomy (I’m a machine.), and am currently on season three of Friday Night Lights (literally the best show around), and I like to throw on Say Yes to the Dress when I’m not focused enough to pay attention to an actual plot. No Strings Attached just happens to be an awesome movie that I’ve watched a couple of times, and Cadet Kelly? Well, that’s a classic. I unfortunately discovered during finals week that Netflix had unleashed many throwback movies and shows, including old Disney movies and Nickelodeon cartoons. Jackpot. Plus, they even update shows that are still on the air with new episodes from the current season, like The Office. Not to mention the fact that it has the entire series of Law and Order: SVU. Boo ya.

Clearly, I have a severe addiction to Netflix Instant. Just ask my roommate. It’s practically all I do.