If you’re coming to Union and you don’t like country music, get ready to. Spring term at Union is all about the country music and getting into the summer spirit, so if you were never a fan of Zac Brown Band or Kenney Chesney…it’s time to update your iTunes music library because it’s all you’ll be hearing once the sun starts to come out. Here are a few different playlists full of country music brought to you by my newest obsession, 8tracks.com…enjoy!

  1. she’s country
  2. nothing is sweeter than summertime
  3. sittin’ pretty in suntan city

bob woodward meets union


See what I did there? Instead of Maura meeting Union, it was Bob Woodward…hilarious, I know. Last night, the very famous journalist Bob Woodward came to speak at Union!

As soon as I had seen the flyers around campus that he would be coming to speak, I was immediately excited. Yes, I realize that I am a total journalism nerd (shout out to the Journo Inferno if any of you are reading this), but how could I not get excited? For those of you who aren’t quite as well versed in political scandals or the journalistic world, Bob Woodward is one half of the famed duo, Woodward and Bernstein. During the Nixon presidency, they were the pair that uncovered the infamous Watergate scandal. If you’re still not following, the critically acclaimed film “All the President’s Men” was also based on his and Bernstein’s investigative work. He has also written numerous books.

Although some of his political jokes went over my head, I can say for certain that I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Mr. Woodward speak. He was engaging, funny and clearly very comfortable speaking to a large group, which certainly contributed to how entertaining he was. Plus, it was pretty awesome to hear him tell anecdotes about some of politics’ heavy hitters so casually – particularly Al Gore…let’s just say they’re definitely not going to be besties anytime soon.

what a wonderful weekend!

Although I’m almost positive everyone else on campus would agree with me when I say that this past weekend was one of my favorites to ever be spent at Union thus far, I just figured I’d reiterate it. On Friday a group of my friends and I took a road trip to another friend’s house who lives about an hour and a half away. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, we got the grill going and the boys served up plenty of burgers and dogs for everyone. We spent the rest of the evening laughing, playing outside and listening to country music – all of which helped me to get a taste of summertime (which I am too excited for!).

After a super fun Saturday also spent entirely outside enjoying the weather, my weekend really peaked on Sunday. The weather was beautiful once again, and for once, my friends and I actually got an early start on the day instead of being slugs all day in bed. After an early brunch, we set up camp on the Davidson quad. Some of the boys had brought kan jam to school, and if you don’t know that game, you haven’t lived because it is so addicting. Eventually, after hours of tossing the frisbee around, we moved on to catchphrase. I’m pretty sure you could have heard us screaming from all the way across campus…a group of girls really get competitive when it comes to catchphrase. My team also won every tournament, might I add!


the girls!

To end the weekend, we had the brilliant idea of ordering enough chinese food to feed a small country, and we proceeded to stuff all of our faces until we sat motionless in a delightful food coma. Needless to say, I’m a pretty big fan of spring term at Union College.

northeastern nightmare

Last night, I woke up in tears at around 4 a.m. because of a nightmare I had. What was my nightmare? That my parents were forcing me to transfer out of Union and go to Northeastern University, which is much closer to my home. Clearly, I was incredibly distraught over this, enough so that I began sobbing uncontrollably. It’s probably weird that I’m advertising my nightmare to everyone, and you’re all probably assuming I’m a huge crybaby as a result, but I just figured I’d emphasize once again how much I love Union. If I can have a nightmare about having to leave this wonderful place, clearly I’m mildly obsessed with it.

enjoying easter weekend

This past weekend, I took a very necessary trip home for the weekend to celebrate Easter with my family. Yes, I realize we practically just had spring break, but I honestly feel as though we’ve been back to school for much longer than only two weeks! Rather than have my parents make the obnoxious trip up to Schenectady from Manchester-by-the-Sea – which would consist of 7 hours in total of driving time for them – on Friday morning, my friend Jill gave me a ride to her house in Oxford. We successfully road-tripped all by ourselves and didn’t even get lost once, which for me is quite a feat. I have literally zero sense of direction. It’s an issue. After finally getting to meet Jill’s parents, whom I’d really been looking forward to meeting, my mom picked me up from Jill’s and we headed back to Manchester.

I’ll be honest: there’s really nothing quite like being home for a weekend when you’re off at college all year. Not only did I get to see my family, but a fair amount of my best friends from high school were all home for the long weekend as well. From walking along the beach to get a slice of pizza at a tiny, local spot and eat it by the water; to ‘family dinners’ consisting of delicious homecooked meals; to girls’ nights with late night sticky-bun (cinnamon rolls for all you non-New Englanders) consumption; to a day full of shopping and a viewing of the new ‘American Pie: Reunion’ movie (which was absolutely hilarious, might I add), I clearly spent a wonderful weekend with some of my closest friends.

On Saturday night, my family and I went to mass at our church because, let’s face it: my older brother and I are certainly not morning people, so an 8:30 a.m. mass was definitely out of the question. Then on Easter morning, while my little cousins partook in the annual Easter egg hunt, I slept in for as long as possible before a delicious meal with my family in the afternoon. Jill and I then repeated the previous Friday’s adventure and returned to school on Sunday night, once again avoiding any confusion or accident. As good as it was to be home, it was even nicer to be back on campus. Happy belated Easter and/or Passover, everyone!

three of my closest friends and me on the beach this past weekend! happy easter!