pumpkin spice latte

If you aren’t a coffee drinker, you have my deepest sympathies. I happen to be an avid coffee consumer, which I like to attribute my short stature to – wishful thinking, I know, but a girl can dream. As a coffee lover, I have the incomparable pleasure of Starbuck’s pumpkin spice lattes come autumn. And, thank God, it’s that time of year again. Not only does Starbucks offer this seasonal blend, but my work-study in the Communications Department also happens to have a seemingly endless supply of the limited edition pumpkin spice flavor of coffee for the communal keurig. Yum. Pretty sure I’ve almost depleted the entire stock…sorry about that. Since I never seem to make it to the on-campus Starbucks before class because I’m practically always cutting it too close, I had my first taste of their pumpkin spice latte this weekend at the mall, and let’s just say I’ve been dreaming about it since. If you’ve never tried it before, a word of advice: get to Starbucks asap and experience the best coffee you’ll ever have. It’s the perfect complement to scarves, changing leaves and chilly weather.

the most heavenly brew on earth!


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