finally feeling like fall

For once, I can honestly say that I feel like it’s fall on campus. All month the weather has been far too unpredictable and uncharacteristic for the season to be classified as autumn – incessant rain, 80 degree weather, a combination of the two, whatever! I had yet to experience that “brisk chill on a sunny day where it’s cool enough to bundle up in a cozy sweater but still warm enough so that you’re not freezing cold” kind of feeling. Despite how bizarre as that description sounds, I’m fully confident you all know exactly what I’m talking about.

Yesterday was the first day I felt this, and I definitely took advantage of it. When walking from class to West Dining Hall to meet my friends for lunch, I hadn’t really thought about it yet. But when we were all eating, a friend of mine mentioned how today was the perfect day to snuggle up and watch The O.C. all day, because it was finally feeling like October. I couldn’t agree more. Just like that, I had autumn on the brain. The moment we stepped out of the dining hall, I pointed out a tree just beyond the doors that was just beginning to lose its dark red leaves, and I announced that it was finally fall. Naturally, for the rest of the day, my friends and I bundled up in bed and watched two episodes of Modern Family (possibly the funniest show on television right now) and most of Remember the Titans (easily one of my top five favorite movies). Sorry Mom and Dad – wasn’t really being the productive college student that your money is paying for me to be!

In case it isn’t already painfully obvious, fall is my favorite season. That being said, I don’t particularly detest any of the seasons – in fact, I’m a pretty big fan of all of them. But there’s just something about the fall, when the leaves start to turn and you don’t have to break a sweat just by walking between buildings due to the heat anymore. Granted, the fact that Union looks pretty beautiful right now in this weather definitely has nothing to do with my affinity for autumn…I’m not biased or anything…


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