watermelon wars

On Monday night, my friends and I found ourselves with not enough homework and too much free time, so naturally, our logical solution was to wreak havoc in Davidson Hall. My roommate and I are residents of Davidson South, but most of our close friends live in Davidson North, and our two closest friends live in West. So, after eating dinner all together, our West friends came to South and we eventually all reconvened in North.

After hanging out for a while, we decided to begin exploring Davidson. We wandered into another friend’s room, who happened to have two watermelons in his room. For no reason in particular. Of course, in the mind of four 18-year-old girls, the only good response to this was to kidnap a watermelon or two. So we did. Unfortunately, though, we were far too confident in our success, and rather than prepare for retaliation, we proudly displayed the watermelon on a chair in our common room.

However, we learned our lesson last night when there was a counter-strike. While we were innocently watching ‘Bridesmaids’ (best movie on the planet…just saying.), the boys ambushed us and stole the watermelon back. Did we take this lying down? Absolutely not. After waiting a few minutes, we stealthily went to Davidson North and conspired about how we were going to retrieve the watermelon. After enlisting the help of our amazing RA, Xiao Rui, we stormed the boys’ room with the intention of taking back our watermelon, but they were prepared, and alas, we didn’t retake the little guy. Better luck next time, Operation Retrieve Watermelon.

the victory picture sent to us by the boys...we'll get 'em next time. just because it was a monday night, it didn't mean we couldn't have some fun!


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